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GÉANT Project Symposium 2023
GÉANT Project Symposium 2023

The GÉANT Project Symposium will take place at Le Corum in Montpellier, France, located in the heart of the historic city.

Getting around in Montpellier

Montpellier Saint-Roch TGV train station is located close to the venue and has excellent TGV connection to Paris, Barcelona, etc.
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You can’t come to Montpellier and not try one of the numerous restaurants known for their delicious cuisine.
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To view public transport timetables (Airport shuttle, trams and buses) to and from Montpellier Airport.
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Book your accommodation in Montpellier

We have negotiated rates for the Symposium participants for the below hotels, Crown Plaza Montpellier Corum and Hotel Oceania Le Métropole Montpellier. All hotels are located close to the conference venue, at walking distance.

If you prefer to stay at the Crowne Plaza Montpellier Corum, we advise you to book prior to 2 October. After this date, they can only offer the rooms that they have available at the moment you book.

There is not ‘one conference hotel’. Feel free to make use of the below booking links, or select your own preferred booking tool.

Please find here a list from the Montpellier Tourism Office with all accommodation in the centre of Montpellier. Please select ‘Montpellier Centre’ and ‘Montpellier Comédie’ in order to see all hotels closest to the Symposium venue (Le Corum).

Crowne Plaza Montpellier Corum

3 minute walk from Le Corum

190 Rue d’ Argencourt , Montpellier 34000
T + 33-4-67722222

Our booking link is no longer valid, please consult the website for availability and prices.

Hotel Oceania Le Métropole

10 minute walk from Le Corum

3 Rue Du Clos René
T +33 (0)4 67 12 32 32


Our booking link is no longer valid, please consult the website for availability and prices.

Lightning Talks

THURSDAY 14 DEC, 09.00 – 10.30
Chairs: Chris Atherton, GÉANT / Tryfon Chiotis, GÉANT

Data Spaces – what do you need to know?
Annabel Grant, GÉANT
Do you keeping hearing about them and wondering what they are? How will they be used, governed, set-up and by when – and what does this mean for the GEANT community and project? Now’s the chance to find out.

What is the point of Marketing?

Karl Meyer, GÉANT
Within the context of the GÉANT Project where many of our services are either free at point of use or have a tightly defined and controlled audience base why do we need to undertake marketing? I’m not going to explain now because otherwise you won’t listen to me later so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Gender Equality Unplugged: Principles for Progress

Nicole Harris, GÉANT
How can we use gender equality principles to avoid a tick-box attitude to gender equality requirements in EC projects? This lightning talk will present the principles, but also show how small sparks of action have enabled us to make meaningful changes within the GÉANT organisation.

Standing on the shoulders of Argus

Ilona Podliashanyk, Sikt
In this lightning talk we will unravel the following pseudocode characterizing Argus:
software Argus is:
     input: myriads of alerts from different monitoring systems, clutter of many screens 
     output: easy data management, customizable filters, personalized notifications, automated ticket generation 

(Developed by Sikt, co-funded by GÉANT, in use with other NRENs) return one screen to rule them all.


Establishing a License for Your
Branko Marović, AMRES
A proper software license safeguards intellectual property, aligns with GÉANT’s IPR Policy, aids development, attracts users, clarifies usage terms, and signifies quality commitment. The WP9T2 and IPR Coordinator offer tools and expertise, streamlining license management for secure and legally sound software. Software Composition Analysis identifies dependencies and risks, while Software Licence Analysis matches licenses to constraints and preferences, ensuring compliance.

eduMEET 4.0: New Features, New Independence

Bartek Idzikowski, PSNC
The spin-out of our project-based video conferencing platform eduMEET into a
community-financed open-source software aligns with the release of its new version.
eduMEET v4 is completely re-built from scratch and with simplified code, more user-friendly, presenting many new features and a refreshed look & feel. In this LT we will present the new eduMEET, the opportunities it opens for our community, and a replicable example of successful service spin-out.

Your eAcademy

Dom Mayerl, GÉANT
This Lightning Talk will provide examples where the eAcademy has been used effectively and provided a wealth of knowledge to our community. It is a call to action to think about what material would be good to add to the online platform and encourage Work Packages to help build an even more beneficial eAcademy for our community in 2024.

Best Practices for Software Development
Bartosz Walter, PSNC
Software Process Improvement in the GÉANT project relies on the Common Best Practices (CBPs) framework. In this talk, you can hear how CBPs can help software development teams to improve and enhance their software projects and prepare products and services for the production PLM gates. By reusing our shared knowledge and experience, CBPs help make GÉANT a continuously learning community.

Breaking the boundaries of procurement
Garvan McFeeley, HEAnet 

In preparing for OCRE2024 tender we will be exceeding the design limits of our tender platform, the OJEU tender system and more besides. How will we get through this?

Cloud in action
David Heyns, GÉANT
A lightening review of the many compelling use cases submitted by European researchers, research infrastructures, and NRENs in response to the OCRE and EOSC Future adoption funding calls. This represents fascinating regional research and the highly innovative cloud-based services distributed via the GÉANT community that enable it.

University Virtual Labs on NMaaS

Vojdan Kjorveziroski, UKIM/MARNET 

In the latest phase of the project NMaaS has been extended to support a new use-case, deployment of virtual labs, targeted at the education community. Recognizing that hands-on virtual labs are a pillar of every successful university curriculum, this lightning talk focuses on the advantages provided to both university staff and students when NMaaS is used as a virtual labs platform.

Using chatbot for user support

Maciej Łabędzki, PSNC
Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate conversation with human users. They are increasingly being used in a variety of industries, including customer service, marketing, and education. There are many benefits to using chatbots, such as 24/7 service, quick answers to questions, and a more natural way for users to interact with applications. A chatbot assistant comes to the GEANT Software Catalogue.